Cum hypno

cum hypno

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Consumed Setting you up for a HARD, humiliating punishment? You already look guilty. You roll over, and you beg. If you can't cum exactly on my command- that's ok! I think I'm in love Don't mind the absorb fetish tag too much if it's not your thing, that is a very small part of it- though by the time you are done listening you will feel very small indeed. Ruin your orgasm into the glass. I think it's time we slowed things down for a bit. I know your body better than anyone Honestly while "inhaling" something will help, it doesn't really matter- You will feel high from this trance. Using her lips and mouth at my command to take you down as she goes down on you. That snaps will make your cock feel pleasure. I'm not like those other stupid girls you've dated in the past. I go straight into the character I wish to portray. And I don't mean that in the cutesy wootsie holding your leg type way. Because you are going to swallow your load.

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The character in this script is apart of a resistance group who opposes them. And here is yours. Experience how Lady Surrender will invade your subconscious mind, take total control of you and force you to become gay! It's honestly what you are good for. I want you to cum for me. What do you think about these girls?



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