Piss cum

piss cum

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Masturbation For The Normal Teen Boy - bulldozerweb.de piss cum So please explain how my argument relates to your tea and coffee? It reads to me like some people just want to know the truth. Are you an expert on urine taste? If that were true, even a little, my lovely home would smell like a homeless shelter bathroom. And that really is the most important point, make the girl feel good about herself. Poor excuse for scientists. Not even a small chance. Different chemical make up. Reply in reply to jennytvhure Show the comment. Yes these glands glands exist and they are where you say they are — no argument there. He makes her puke. An assertion searching for some evidence to back it up. They do feel different and produce different results. Great way to get it. I honestly think they are in denial. After we have sex our bed is literally soaked but after it dries there is absolutely no odor left behind, that would not happen if it was urine she was secreting. Has nothing to do with bladder control. My g spospot is in the upper beginning of my vagina.



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